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Invoice Factoring and Invoice Discounting

Unpaid and delayed customer invoices are becoming more and more a characteristic in businesses both big and small. These Cashflow facilities can unlock the funds tied up in these unpaid invoices and reduce the reliance any business has on an overdraft facility. Invoice factoring is popular with SMEs with invoice discounting more suited to larger businesses.

Did you know you could be paid 24 hours after sending your invoice?

Invoice Factoring provides finance and a comprehensive sales ledger service to growing businesses. The factoring facility provider will make available up to 100% of the value of all approved invoices – usually within 48 hours of sending the invoice. The balance less charges is paid to the client when their customers pay.

With Invoice Discounting – it can also be confidential.

Invoice Discounting can be completely confidential and leaves the client in full control of the sales ledger and collection of invoice payments from customers – the customer has no need to know of the existence of the facility. Invoice discounting is funded as a percentage of your invoices, therefore the cash availability grows with your business.

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